Massage Rollers

Target sore muscles in tight spots with a set of two 66fit oval spiky massage rollers.The 66fit oval shaped spiky massaging roller set comprises two identical firm sand-filled ovals with flexible spik..

AED 55.00

Roll away muscle aches and pains with the 66fit spiky back massager. The 66fit spiky lower back massage roller is a robust therapeutic roller which adapts to the body’s individual contours duri..

AED 50.00

Target both specific and general muscle areas with just one product! The 66fit massaging roller allows you to concentrate on targeted trigger point areas but also to work on larger more general..

AED 60.00

The 66fit Trigger Point Massage Roller Kit is a must for anyone wants a complete kit that will fit inside your gym bag or suitcase. Suitable for beginner to advanced. Features Material:..

AED 235.00
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