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  • Brand: 66fit
  • Product Code: CE-CHIROCX

Are you sitting comfortably?

Designed to help relieve coccyx pain and discomfort this slightly larger sized cushion is aimed at the heavier user requiring a little extra support.

The 66fit wedge coccyx cushion features a horse-shoe shaped cut out which should be placed at the back of the seat allowing the user to sit right back in their chair with their coccyx or tailbone suspended above it. This avoids any direct pressure on the coccyx and reduces spinal stress. This position encourages good posture with hips correctly aligned and weight evenly distributed to also help relieve lower back pain and ease discomfort from pressure sores.

Why Choose the 66fit Coccyx Seat Cushion?

Manufactured from high density PU Foam and covered in a plush velvet fabric the 66fit pressure support coccyx cushion is a versatile product designed with comfort, portability and practicality in mind.

The largest sized cushion in the 66fit comfort range, our design features a contoured ergonomic shape with a unique horse-shoe shaped cut out section at the back. This allows the users coccyx to be suspended above it when seated relieving any direct pressure on the coccyx or tailbone. In addition the wedge shape tilts the seated user’s pelvis forward to promote natural alignment of the lower back and encourage good posture.

66fit Coccyx cut out cushions will fit most seats at home or at work. They can also be used to provide relief from hard uncomfortable stadium, concert and theatre seating. Easily portable, each cushion features a handy integral carry handle.

Please Note: The Large Coccyx Cushion is not intended for use in cars. 

The colour box features instructional graphics to show how to use the coccyx cushion.


  • The 66fit Large Coccyx Cushion is designed to relieve pain and discomfort caused by a sore, bruised or damaged coccyx.
  • Unique ‘horse-shoe’ cut out helps alleviate direct pressure and improve posture.
  • Wedged shape design tilts pelvis forward when sitting restoring the natural alignment of the lower back.
  • Lightweight, comfortable, easily portable. Removable washable cover.
  • Suitable for most seats at home or at work.


Colour: Black
Dimensions: 37cm x 43cm x 3-8cm
Main Material: Moulded PU Foam
Presented In: Colour Box
Made in China

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