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Physiomart offers a range of products suitable for individuals for home remedy. We offer a wide range of self help cushions, supports and devices which help you get rid of the pain and discomfort associated with your ailments and day to day activities. 

Sit up straight with the 66ft Lumbar Roll Cushion!         When we slump in our chairs the spine’s natural ‘S’ shaped curve is reversed and the muscles at ..

AED 115.00

Are you sitting comfortably? The 66fit coccyx seat cushion has been designed to help relieve pain and discomfort caused by a sore, bruised or damaged coccyx. Our original wedge coccyx cush..

AED 175.00

Achieve a perfect sitting position with 66fit Pelvic Wedge Cushion. Sitting for long periods of time on an unsuitable chair will inevitably result in lower back and leg pain as a result of slou..

AED 180.00

Relieve pain and discomfort with the 66fit Pressure Ring Cushion.The 66fit Ring Cushion is designed to help relieve pressure when sitting, distributing weight evenly and encouraging a correct sitting ..

AED 155.00

Experience a new level of comfort with the 66fit Gel Seat & Wheelchair Support Cushion.The 66fit Gel Wheelchair and Seat Cushion has been designed to provide pressure relief when sitting down and ..

AED 275.00

Minimise stresses and strains with the 66fit Swivel Cushion.The 66fit swivel transfer cushion offers unrestricted 360 degree rotation to help patients and their carers to move into and out of chairs, ..

AED 140.00

Are you sitting comfortably? Designed to help relieve coccyx pain and discomfort this slightly larger sized cushion is aimed at the heavier user requiring a little extra support. The 66fit..

AED 200.00

Pedal your way to recovery with the 66fit Arm and Leg Folding Pedal ExerciserThe 66fit Variable Resistance Pedal Exerciser is an ideal piece of equipment for anyone recovering from a leg, arm or shoul..

AED 230.00
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