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Airex Balance Pad Elite - Blue

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  • Brand: Airex
  • Product Code: 20.66.21155
The Balance Pad Elite is the further development of the proven Balance Pad. A special waffle textures on the upper and lower sides is slip-resistant on the one hand and simultaneously provides pleasant stimulation of the foot receptors during barefoot balance training on the other hand. The thickness of 6 cm gives the Balance Pad Elite the desired destabilizing characteristics. Due to the yielding foam, the body is constantly challenged in order to maintain balance and stabilize the joints. This exercises more and deeper muscles compared to performing the same exercises without the Balance Pad Elite. The control functions of the brain are activated and the receptors in the area of the joints and fascia system are stimulated more strongly.

Training with the Balance Pad Elite can purposefully improve conditional and coordinative abilities in combination, for example strength, endurance, differentiation and balance. It is used in rehabilitation and prevention as well as recreational and professional sports. As the ideal complement, we recommend an AIREX mat underneath, especially for exercises that are performed e.g. while lying down or in the side push-up position. The extremely soft closed-cell foam material does not absorb moisture or dirt and is highly durable. Its antimicrobial hygiene protection keeps even the aggressive cMRSA bacteria in check.

Size: 50 x 41 x 6 cm
Weight: 0.7 kg

The AIREX Balance products are active therapy and training devices made of the familiar soft AIREX foam material. 

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