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BellaBambi Vitality, Solo 2cm

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  • Brand: K-Active
  • Product Code: 80.44.12682

Discover the new and innovative kind of vacuum therapy, better known as “soaking”. Due to this depression, the cups, consisting of silicone, enable effective fascia training, promote an instant and visible higher blood circulation and thus support the well-being of patient and sportsmen.
Subsequently applied ointment products like the First Aid Crème or the Relax Crème can be absorbed much better and contribute to an improved performance or faster regeneration after work or sports.
Test this comfortable feeling in your therapy or take your “therapist at home”!

Simultaneously a slight peeling of the skin is affected during the application. Thus, they also got their place in cosmetics. The subsequent absorption of active ingredients of cosmetic is also more effective.

Health and beauty – you are in therapeutic control!

The innovative vacuum massage by BellaBambi® enables various and effective applications in sports, wellness and beauty. Due to the diverse intensities of the different products, they enable every user a comfortable and effective work on every body part.

Application areas:
Effective support at

  • Massage
  • Fascial therapy
  • Scar treatment
  • Cellulite treatment
  • Peeling and skin care
  • Relaxing
  • Skin activation

  • Use this various possibilities for the patients in your clinic or for the effective self-therapy at home or sports.
    Just squeeze it, put it on the skin and take your hand off. This is the main principle of BellaBambi®. Due to its non-slip surface it lies well in your hand.

    The skin-friendly material is unbreakable, relatively odourless due to the high-quality material and it is suitable for the cleaning in the dishwasher.
    Highest quality and safety - Made in Germany!


    The BellaBambi® “Vitality” is proper for many different applications, for example for the regeneration of muscle soreness or for a partner massage.

    The BellaBambi® Vitality is especially proved for exercises in fascial training. The medium rate of intensity promises success for many types of skin and connective tissue. Also beauty applications, like skin tightening at belly and thighs, are a great strength of BellaBambi® Vitality.

    Not least it is a valuable companion at sports: before sports for an increased circulation, especially, if extreme loads come up to single muscle groups or a deficit of elasticity and tension force is known. After activity, soft and gentle regeneration impulses can be set.


    - Diameter: 2 cm
    - Height: 5 cm

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